Andrew Barkis for State Representative

Official Endorsements 2020

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For Republicans to win a majority in the State House, it will be more important than ever that we maintain control of the seats we already have. To do that we will need the help and support of people like you.


National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

Washington Retail Association

Washington Food Industry

Washington Trucking Association(WTA)

Washington State Veterinary Medical Association(WSVMA)

Hunters Heritage Council

Human Life Political Action Committee

Lacey Business League

Commercial Real Estate Development Assoc. (NAIOP)

Master Builders Association Of Pierce County-Affordable Housing Council

Affordable Housing Council- Thurston, Mason, Lewis Counties

Washington Multi-Family Housing Assoc.

Building Owners and Managers Assoc. (BOMA)

Manufactured Housing Communities of WA. (MHCW)

Rental Housing Assoc, (RHA)

Washington Rental Owners Assoc.

Pierce County Republican Party  

Thurston County Republican Party

Thurston County Republican Women

2nd Legislative District Republicans

Mainstream Republicans

Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs

Pierce County Affordable Housing Council

Elected Officials:

Kim Wyman-WA State Secretary of State

Sam Reed- Former WA State Secretary of State

Ralph Munro- Former WA State Secretary of State

JT Wilcox- WA State Rep. 2nd District

Randi Becker- WA State Senate 2nd District

Hans Zeiger -WA State Rep. 25th District

Richard Debolt- WA State Rep. 20th District

Many other members- WA State House of Representatives, Republican Caucus

Gary Alexander- Former WA State Rep. 2nd District

Joan Houchen- Former WA State Rep.

Jon Halverson- Former Mayor Of Lacey

Bob Van Schoorl- Former Olympia Port Commissioner

Gary Edwards- Thurston County Commissioner

John Snaza- Thurston County Sheriff

Bud Blake- Thurston County Commissioner

Judy Wilson- Former Lacey Fire Dist. 3 Commissioner

JW Foster- Mayor of Yelm

Joe DePinto- Yelm City Council

Russ Hendrickson- Yelm City Council

Jason Hearn- Lacey City Council

Lenny Greenstein- Lacey City Council

Bill McGregor- Port of Olympia Commissioner

Bruce Danmier- Pierce Co. Exec.

Anthony Rawlin McDaniel- Mayor of Roy

John (Hutch) Hutchings- Thurston County Commissioner

Friends and Colleagues:

Tom Carroll

Scott Bergford

Jim Goche

Dirk Farar

Jim Goldsmith

Joseph Beaulieu

Karen McClennen

Pat Beehler

Mary Ann Strickler

Steve Boone

Dan and Shelly Nicholson

Bill Frare

Lowell Gordon

Gary Johnson

John Reilly

Garry Holland

Doug Drainville

Stan Dickhoff

Marny Bright

Sharon and Ted Trask

Tim Kirkpatrick

Jeff and Kathy Powell

Priscilla Terry

Marc Perez

Steve and Cecile Radnich

Kathleen Barkis

Stephen and Pam Barkis

Dave and Therese Walch

Bruce G Barkis

Tom and Debbie O’Neill

Brian and Cara Barkis

Phil and Barb Peters

Steve and Tami Hale

Dr. Timothy Stokes- President SPSCC

Kerry French

Patrick Conner

Jonathan Pleger

Bill and Tammy Kendall

Trudy Soucoup

Gene Dolan

Stewart Ridgeway

Jerry Wilkins

Carrie Whistler

Chris and Kelli Panush

Mike Auderer

Gabriel Bowman

Debbi Boyd

Ruth Weigelt

Stacey Jenkins

George Vestal

Troy Kirby

Ted May

Madeline White

Eric & Gayle Strom

Jarred Hays

Ed Lewis

Tracie Choate

Teena Williams

Terry-Stanley Ballard

Alexis Wallace

Howard Burton

Sam Bouard

Ken Brogan

Deliese Catterson